UEFA Launch


DCC / Eventco | Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin | Dec 2018


Pixel Mapping | Motion Design




In November 2018, The Samuel Beckett Bridge was illuminated b Eventco using hundreds of individual LED lightbulbs to promote the draw for UEFA Euro 2020 in Dublin. The challenge was to create content which was sympathetic to the locality, legible from both up-close and far away whilst conforming to UEFA Guidelines on a scaled but very low resolution screen. 

Pixel Mapping and Motion Design Ireland

Design Concept


The design for this looked to focus on impact and information. We needed to create a series of flags that would represent the host cities for Euro 2020 and also advertise the UEFA brand. Mindful of the bridge shape and surrounding features, we thought it would be interesting to develop a visual that looks as though it was being affected by the movements around them.

Pixel Mapping Motion Design Aran Islands

Motion Graphics


We started off creating a digital 3D model of the bridge with the exact number of real world bulbs. Using this as our base for trial and error we understood that the visuals would need be treated similarly to a very low-res screen in order to be visible and legible from along the river. The clarity depended heavily on the directional speed of the text/graphic. To be successfully read, text would need to sit in bold all caps, and move from right to left with pace.

To add more depth we used a digitised dynamic pressure to push wind through the flags. This visual gave the sense of a funnelling gust down the Liffey and added the impact we were looking for from the beginning.

Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Galway Bay
Pixel Mapping Motion Design
Pixel Mapping Motion Design on the beach

Design Realisations


The design decisions for the bridge motion graphics were lead by the theme of impact and information but deviated from the original visuals/text solutions in order to accommodate the legibility and clarity for both the people within eyesight of the bridge and also the international broadcasting media cameras that would be capturing the installation as a backdrop when reporting the event.

Testing on-site gave us the opportunity to level the colour and brightness balance of each individual bulb when challenged with the image/video capture of a variety of smartphones. This exercise helped us to optimise the content for social media posts.

Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Spectacular View


Production Manager & Technical Director | Eventco | Tom Rohan
Lighting Technician | Mick Murray
Motion Graphics | Lightscape | Brian Kenny & Alexandra Morehead
Footage & Editing | Lightscape | Alexandra Morehead