The More You Make

Projection Mapping | 2D Motion Graphics | 3D Motion Graphics 

The more you make was a collaboration between Lightscape & Aisling Farinella, OFFSET Creative Project 2013.


Client: Offset
Venue: South Studios, Dublin
Date: March 2013


The brief was to choose a quote from a previous OFFSET speaker, and create a new piece of work inspired by it, and then share it in some way as a gift to Dublin.

Projection mapping project in Dublin Ireland
2D and 3D motion graphics and projection mapping to create an original piece of work
In Dublin Ireland a Projection mapping project using 3D and 2D motion graphics

The quote chosen was from Paula Scher who spoke at OFFSET 2013

“The more you make, the more you want to do. The more you do, the more you realise everything is possible."

Using projection mapping music and 2D and 3D Motion graphics in Dublin Ireland
Projection mapping in Dublin Ireland with geometric fashion designs

We projection mapped the piece on a large-scale structure combing hand painted type, a contrast of maximalist and geometric fashion designs and music with positive vibes, as a way to pay homage to Scher. 

3D motion graphics 2D Motion graphics and projection mapping in Dublin Ireland