The More You Make


OFFSET | South Studios, Dublin | March 2013


Projection Mapping | 2D & 3D Motion Graphics 




The More You Make’ was a projection-mapping collaboration between Lightscape & Aisling Farinella, OFFSET Creative Project 2013.

Projection mapping project in Dublin Ireland

Design Concept


With a strong brief to start with of asking the creative to choose a quote from a previous OFFSET speaker, create a new piece of work inspired by it, and then share it in some way as a gift to Dublin. With this our team picked a powerful set of words spoken by Paula Scher from the 2013 OFFSET event, “The more you make, the more you want to do. The more you do, the more you realise everything is possible." The idea leading on from this was to invisioned a creative palette of colours and text, imagery and motion all combined onto one blank wall.

2D and 3D motion graphics and projection mapping to create an original piece of work
Projection mapping in Dublin Ireland with geometric fashion designs

Motion Graphics


We worked closely with fellow creative Aisling Farinella to create a series of motion doodles that would be colourful and playful. In response to Scher’s quote of making more after doing more, we were able to create a simple beginning for a narrative that bubbles and expands into a greater and more vibrant story.

3D motion graphics 2D Motion graphics and projection mapping in Dublin Ireland
Using projection mapping music and 2D and 3D Motion graphics in Dublin Ireland



We projection-mapped the piece onto the facade of a large-scale structure combing hand-painted type, a contrast of maximalist / geometric fashion designs and energetic music to bring the full experience together.

In Dublin Ireland a Projection mapping project using 3D and 2D motion graphics


Creative Director | Aisling Farinella
Motion Graphics & Projection-mapping | Brian Kenny
Producer | Brian Kenny