TCD | 1913 Reading Room


Eventco, Trinity College Dublin | 1913 Reading Room | April 2015


2D & 3D Motion Graphics | Projection Mapping




In April 2015, we were commissioned to work on a projection-mapping project detailing the 1913 Reading Room in Trinity College Dublin. The installation commemorated the staff and students who lost their lives in World War 1.

using projection mapping and 3D motion graphics for a visual installation

Design Concept


In order to offer a complimentary backdrop to the sensitive narrative, we decided to reduce any unnecessary elements from the scene and instead highlight the people involved showing the dated portraits of staff members and others involved. With this design aesthetic in mind we enhanced the projected area by creating visual illusions through movement in the brick work and pillars to give the sense that the building itself was transitioning through the series of photographs.

Projection Mapping, 3D and 2D Motion Graphics
Projection Mapping 2D motion graphics on Trinity College Dublin
1916 Commemoration TCD Projection mapping 2D and 3D Motion Graphics

1916 Commemoration TCD Projection mapping 2D and 3D Motion Graphics

Projection Mapping 3D Motion Graphics 2D Motion Graphics Dublin Ireland


Produced by | Eventco
Production Manager | Tom Rohan
Projector Technicians | Chip Devitt & Brian Moran | Cavs
Projection Mapping & Animation | Brian Kenny | Lightscape