Scratch The Surface


Nineyards / Irish National Lottery | D-Light Studios | May 2019


Interactive | Motion Design




This interactive installation focused primarily on legibility and the concept of change, we devised a system using infrared lights, webcams, and projection mapping methods to create an Interactive experience for the audience to engage with and help open their minds to alternative possibilities.

Pixel Mapping and Motion Design Ireland

Motion Design


As part of this brief, the brand messages that were tied to the launch were also integral to the experience and so we decided to hide the messages beneath a layer of moving type.

Using kinetic typography to drive the motion, we created a space that could capture the shape of a person or group of people, allowing them to interact with the projection on the wall and unveil the hidden messages by moving around the space directly in-front of the installation. In order to read a full message, those interacting would have to cover more surface area on the wall, reinforcing the concept of collaborative process.

02_Column_full 10s.gif



We set up an interactive system, designed to support the simplicity fo the design and event messaging. Driven by infrared lights, a webcam, and security lights, the set-up gave us the opportunity to expand the interaction area within the room.

C4D_Production Render.gif


Creative Director | Brian Kenny
Art Director & Designer | Ally Morehead
Technical Specialist | Tom O’Dea