Samsung - Do Bigger Things 

Interactive | Pixel Mapping | Motion Design

In September 2017 we worked on the launch of the new Samsung Note 8, which saw the 120 meter Samuel Beckett Bridge brought to life for Samsung's “Do Bigger Things" campaign. The project combined projection mapping, interactive design and live performance. 


Client: Make & Share / Guns or Knives
Venue: Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin
Date: Sep 2017


We worked on serval different aspects of this project. 

We worked with harpist Aisling Ennis and production company Make and Share to develop some custom visuals which would animate on the bridge in real-time along with the music. We took inspiration from Santiago Calatrava’s design and worked in movement which both complimented the arc of the tubular spar in motion and flowed with Aisling's original work in pace.

Pixel Mapping and Motion Design Ireland

We advised Make and Share on the technical realisation of this project and all aspects of the practicalities of projection mapping the complex structure. We also spec’d the required equipment and the optimum locations for hardware.

Pixel Mapping Motion Design 
Pixel Mapping Motion Design Aran Islands 


We worked with Irish Artist & technologist Tom O'Dea to create a solution that would allow members of the public to “play” the bridge in real-time. This consisted of an android application custom built for the Samsung Note with a digital representation of the bridge as the user interface. As guests plucked the strings on the app, the bridge in turn would light up in real time and play a note on speakers located locally.The effect of the music coupled with the strumming light motion, evoked both the beauty of the bridge and the quality of the instrumental.

Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Galway Bay
Pixel Mapping Motion Design on the beach
Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Spectacular View

Agency & Concept: Guns or Knives
Production Company: Pauraic Hackett/Make and Share
Animation, Projection Mapping, Technical and Technological Solutions: Lightscape
Footage/Editing: Tinyark
Harpist: Aisling Ennis
Projections: Weebox/ Krisjanis Berzins
App development: Tom O’Dea & Etienne Cella
On-Site projection Mapping and Server: Anthony Murphy