Jenny Greene | 2FM Live & RTE Concert Orchestra | Dance Anthems


Operator | 2D & 3D Motion Graphics 


RTE/2FM | Multiple | 2017





Over the last 12 months Lightscape has worked on numerous shows with 2FM and the RTE Concert Orchestra, providing custom made visual content and live operations for their Dance Anthems & The Story of Hip Hop shows. The shows played at Electric Picnic, Live at the Marquee, Galway Arts Festival and the 3 Arena to capacity crowds.


Design Concept


Our goal was to create visuals that further articulated, enlivened and explicated the musical material. Anthems are songs of representation, gusto and identification, meant to engender passion and communal euphoria. For this reason we focused our consideration of breathing life and invigoration into the static architecture of the set by cleverly transforming the screen formats to resemble 3D structures and changeable shapes. 
Drawing inspiration from Cey Adams, ‘The Art and Design of Hip-Hop’, we began narrating a visual representation of the early rave culture, framing the ‘Story of Hip-Hop through the Decades’ with colourful and psychedelic rhythms.


Motion graphics


With a tasteful colour palette to begin with, and fun visuals to lay the foundation of assets available to us we began to stitch the movements of the content to the tracks ensuring each beat was represented through a movement or colour change. Playing around with the screen size and pixel map was the most challenging area of the project, but one we enjoyed to experiment with and re-invent. The aim here was to create a screen that could evolve into a structural set piece and just as easily transition into it’s 2D rectangular shape afterwards.




Working in collaboration with renowned lighting & production designer Cormac Jackson. We created over two hours of original pixel mapped content for the two shows.

From a technical point, the variation in venue sizes meant we had to create the content in such a way that it would work seamlessly across a range of unique screen set-ups, segueing issueless from one sized venue to the next.



Motion Graphics & Operation | Anthony Murphy & Brian Kenny
Production & Lighting Design | Cormac Jackson
Production Management | Sue 'Duchess' Iredale & Suzie Shorten