Redbull | The George


Projection-mapping | 2D & 3D Motion Graphic


Redbull | The George | Dec 2018




Just before Christmas in 2018, we were approached by Redbull to create a fun-filled projection-mapped mural to adorn the staircase wall inside Dublin’s very popular LGBTQ nightclub, The George.


Design Concept


The aim for this project was to breathe light and excitement onto the wall of a staircase inside The George bar / nightclub in Dublin city.  Taking influence from the building itself and the performers we began to focus on the colourful aspects of the exteriors, interiors and personalities. The projection-mapped mural exhibits a number of the Drag Queens who perform at the George and re-imagines the iconic building in a playful manner, showcasing the famous colourful windows that line the front-facing facade of the building, as well as a number of club-themed lights and structures in the attic of the bar. Creating a window into the lively scenes of The Georges Bar, the mural is a fun, light-hearted feature in the club. 




The Illustration took shape from the existing artwork that had been produced for The George. The drawings for each of the Drag artists were provided at the beginning stages of the project and continuing in a similar style, we created the environment to house the queens.

Grounding the scene with a brick facade, adopting the colourful stain-glass windows to sit in the middle section, and lastly showing off an open attic space that stored a number of neon lights, furniture and boxes.


// Sketch Development


Motion Graphic


On this occasion we combined 2D and 3D motion graphics that would compliment the playful manner that we wanted to represent on the mural. The main theme we navigated was ‘disco lights’ and so each section of the mural showcases colour changes, and blinking reactions be it through neon signage or outfit & hair shades. The Redbull cans are accompanied by a set of wings that keep them hovering in various positions around the mural whilst being side-lit by red, cyan, or purple lights.


Projection Mapping


The visuals were mapped onto a flat wall of portrait size.
To compensate for the projection scale limitations we illustrated a scene around the projection area that enclosed the building/motion graphics section and gave the illusion that the mural was larger than it actually measured.




Finding a suitable place to position the projector was probably the most challenging stage we faced for this project. We had mirror reflections and a stairway of people travelling upwards and downwards to consider. Reduced opacity on the lower section of the motion graphic was necessary so that the light travelling didn’t glare onto those walking down the stairs.

After the line-up we readjusted the brightness levels to account for the quality of phone photography that would capture the mural. This minor tweak was important to us and drew back to the design concept of create a fun interaction for viewers on a number of levels including social media, so being able to create ‘picture-ready’ background tailored for a phone pic was a subtle but imperative feature.



Production / Director / Motion Design | Brian Kenny
Illustration / Motion Design / Sign Painting | Ally Morehead
Sign Painting | Lockie Brady-Smith