Hy Brasil


Drop Everything | Inis Oirr Beach, Aran Islands | May 2014


Pixel Mapping | Motion Design




Hy Brasil is a project about islands and transience, developed for Drop Everything on Inis Oirr off the Atlantic Coast of Ireland. Hy Brasil explores the shifting boundaries of sand, people and wandering rocks that form the islands of our experiences.

Pixel Mapping and Motion Design Ireland



The realisation of the project was a pixel-mapped array of 49 steel sculptures. The piece itself was designed in Dublin, fabricated in Offaly, and constructed on the beach in Inis Oirr. It consisted of a three-dimensional steel and LED field/array and stereo audio. The LEDs were driven by Pixel Pusher over ArtNet using a Catalyst media server.

The Audio was driven through concealed environmental speakers using a Catalyst media server.

Pixel Mapping Motion Design
Pixel Mapping Motion Design Aran Islands
Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Galway Bay
Pixel Mapping Motion Design on the beach
Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Spectacular View


Anthony Murphy
Baz Holden
Brian Kenny
Michael Glennon
Mick Murray
Pat Murray & Tom O'Dea

Photo | Mark McGuinness & Conal Thomson
Additional Footage | Alex King