Hy Brasil II


Westival | Westport, Co. Mayo | Nov 2019


Pixel Mapping | Motion Design




Hy Brasil II is an experiential project made up with a grid of LED fixtures that aim to explore the shifting boundaries of sand, people and wandering rocks that form the islands of our experiences.

Pixel Mapping and Motion Design Ireland

Design Concept


The concept for this project was sculpted from the stunning natural land and seascape surrounding the boundaries of Westport. The transient movements are designed to mimic the mesmerising motion of the waves rolling onto the shore and turning up the bedrock that lays beneath it. Stripping back the colour to a two-tone palette of white and blue helped us to direct the attention towards the motion running through the light fixtures.

This project is the second series of the unique installation and was previously built at Inis Oírr Beach on the Aran Islands for the Drop Everything event. This version of the Installation was built in November at the Quays in Westport as part of Westival. Positioned beside a pond and enclosed by the harbours edge, the fleeting movements give an appearance of an island when viewed from the sea.

Pixel Mapping Motion Design
Pixel Mapping Motion Design Aran Islands


The 49 LED light fixtures are connected to a 7x7 steel grid fabricated from unistrut metal for flexibility and ease of assembly resulting in seamless shipping to international light-festivals. The sand foundation that beds the structures both grounds the supporting grid and cables while also allowing the natural development of shadow patterns to evolve over time as participants interact with the structure. The layout gives the space needed for the light to mirror the movement of the sea and the emergence of an island in 3-dimensional experience. The structure is built for people to walk amongst the fixtures and view it from within.

Pixel Mapping Motion Design on the beach
Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Galway Bay
Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Spectacular View


Lighting Designer / Producer | Michael Murray
Concept / Creative Programming | Tom O’Dea
Motion Design | Brian Kenny & Anthony Murphy
Production | Barry Holden
Soundscape | Mike Glennon