Dublin Interactive Mural


Lightscape Studio | March 2019


Interactive | Projection Mapping | Motion Design



This product is an interactive wall mural that was developed in the Lightscape studio as an experiment to see if it might help reduce our screen time by merging our most searched for information into our physical environment. 

Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Galway Bay
Pixel Mapping Motion Design

Design Concept

The main focus for the purpose of the mural stemmed from the idea of reducing our studio’s daily screen time. Marrying both this concept and the possibilities available by the use of conductive ink and open-source API’s, we were able to form the basis of an informative map that would detail the real-time movements and schedules of public transport, weather reports and messaging capabilities.



We knew the illustration would have to be mindful of the limitations of conductive ink leads and reactive distances as well as the additional layer of projection-mapped motion graphics onto the mural. With this in mind we designed a narrative of flat graphics arranged independently from one another. This style of line-drawing enabled a perfect result for the ink application and projection line-up.

Pixel Mapping Motion Design on the beach

Motion Graphics


For this particular mural, we were tasked with the challenge of creating motion graphics that would be used as an informative source so legibility and clarity were on the fore-front of the design requirements. Testing different fonts, sizes, weights and tracking, lead the design process and set the baseline for scale.
The secondary focus was on visual experience and ensuring the interactions were clear and comprehensive. The main goal here was to achieve a feeling of movement.

Pixel Mapping and Motion Design Ireland



For the production we used a number of materials and softwares including conductive ink sourced from Bare Conductive, a short-throw projector and syphon plugins to speed up the responsive edits for motion graphics overlay.

Pixel Mapping Motion Design Aran Islands

Technical Realisations


The interactive ink allows us to create trigger areas on the mural that respond through a touch interaction. We can assign specific motion graphic events to these trigger points using Arduino software and also integrate a projection-mapping work-flow to accommodate the visual display. This system makes it possible for the software to recognise the interaction, respond with a projection designed to relay information or send a pre-programmed message.

Running on a mac mini server, the custom interactive projections communicate with public data APIs to get train, bus, bike and weather updates and then subsequently reveal this real-time information on the mural.

To make it even more fun we have added custom events to include sending an email of the usual order to the studio’s favourite pizza place, contacting the local taxi company to pick-up at the office and enabling a message to post to Slack via the Slack API.

Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Spectacular View


Creative Director / Producer | Brian Kenny
Art Director / Illustrator / Motion Graphics | Ally Morehead