Dublin Interactive Mural

Interactive | Projection Mapping | Motion Design

This is a wall mural we developed in our studio to see if it helped reduce our screen time by merging our most searched for information into our physical environment. 


Client | Lightscape 
Venue | Lightscape Studio, South William st. Dublin 2
Date | March 2019

The wall mural combines interactive ink & projection mapping to display, in real time, the most relevant information about our neighbourhood, including transport information from Dublin Bus, Luas, Irish Rail, Dublin Bikes and the ever-changing Dublin weather.

Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Spectacular View
Pixel Mapping Motion Design
Pixel Mapping Motion Design Aran Islands

The interactive elements use conductive ink to allow us to order pizza from our favourite restaurant, call a cab, or arrange after work drinks, simply by touching the relevant illustration on the wall. 

Pixel Mapping and Motion Design Ireland

How it works:

The interactive ink allows areas of the mural to act as buttons for different interactions. Using the Bare Conductive Arduino, capacitance changes on the interactive ink, caused by touch, trigger events in the software that controls the projections. Running on our mac mini server, the projections are controlled by a custom built interactive animation that communicates with public data APIs to get train, bus, bike and weather updates and which changes the animation to match. Interaction events trigger animations and also trigger custom events, like emailing our usual order to our favourite pizza place, our taxi company or posting messages to Slack via the Slack API.

Pixel Mapping Motion Design on the beach
Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Galway Bay