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Verve / Amazon | Amazon Offices, Dublin / London | 2018


Projection Mapping | Motion Design




In 2018 we created a four minute piece of projection-mapped motion graphics for an installation by Verve, a Dublin based creative agency. The installation consisted of a custom-built, 3-sided projection room and highlighted some of the new features of the Amazon Web Service. Guests were invited to stand in the space and trigger the installation themselves on a tablet in the centre of the room. 

Pixel Mapping and Motion Design Ireland
Pixel Mapping Motion Design

Design Concept


Rather than a flat screen in front of the user, we wanted to create a fully immersive experience using the room structures and walls as a canvas for projections. The panoramic view allowed the user to engage with the new digital space freely. Projecting onto the three walls invited a new perspective of the content being displayed.

Pixel Mapping Motion Graphics Galway Bay

Motion Graphics


Knowing where the viewer would be standing in the room, we were able to direct all of the content towards one position giving it added impact. To get the line-ups correct we positioned the 3D rendering camera in the same view point as the user.

As projection works best within dark environments, one of the challenges in a set-up like this was that the projection light from one wall tends to bounce on to the other two. As a result, where possible, we used lots of negative space within the motion graphics so as to not “blow out” the room with too much white light. We were able to test the effect of the light in the room using global illumination renders within our 3D software and adjusted the content based off the results.

Pixel Mapping Motion Design on the beach
Pixel Mapping Motion Design Aran Islands



Ion Solutions covered the technical realisations involving three projectors, one to project onto each wall surface. The content was triggered by a custom widget which connected up to the media server. 

Lightscapw AWS 1.jpg



Client / Concept | Verve
Technical Realisation | ION Solutions
Motion Graphics | Lightscape | Brian Kenny & Anthony Murphy