Absolut Originality


Absolut/Aisling Farinella | Mabo’s Dublin | Oct 2013


Concept | 2D & 3D Motion Graphics | Interactive Design




In October 2013, we were invited to participate in Absolut Originality, a multi-disciplinary exhibition curated by Aisling Farinella for the launch of the Absolut Originality bottle.


// Full Projection-mapped Mural Video


Design Concept


We collaborated with illustrator Chrissie Abbott, film-maker Jamie Delaney, stylist/creative director Aisling Farinella and fashion designer Danielle Romeril to create two installation pieces which complimented the event setting and provided levels of interaction for the event-goers.

Dublin Ireland projection mapping installation project with 2D and 3D motion graphics as an animation
Interactive projection mapping concept with 2D and 3D motion graphics

Motion Graphics


// Projection-mapped Mural
For the projection-mapping piece we worked closely with Illustrator Chrissie Abbott who created an organic visual and then hand-drew the scene directly onto the wall surface inside the venue. To compliment this Videographer Jamie Delaney, supplied a series of mesmerising footage covering the work of Fashion Designer Danielle Romeril. In the last layer, we embellished the designs and footage by applying 2D & 3D animation to the scene, taking influence from the Fashion pieces and strong colour palette of the Absolut bottle.

An interactive design concept using 2D and 3D motion graphics with projection mapping

Interaction Design


// Interactive Design
For the second installation we worked with Tom O’Dea to create an interactive projection-mapped dress from a collection created by Danielle Romeril. The patterns and texture designed for this installation piece took shape from the footage and illustration mural.

Using 2D and 3D animation, motion sensors to create a unique projection mapping concept
Motion sensors, projection mapping, 2D and 3D motion graphics

Technical Realisations


// Interactive Design
Individuals were invited to augment and remix the patterns by gesturing there hands over a motion sensor placed in front of the dressed mannequin.
Each creation was then assigned an individual number and projected on to the wall of the venue, with more unique creations added every day. 

Original and unique mapping projection with 2D and 3D animation, sound, motion sensors in Dublin Ireland


Illustrator | Chrissie Abbott
Film-maker | Jamie Delaney
Stylist / Creative Director | Aisling Farinella
Fashion Designer | Danielle Romeril
Projection-Mapping & Motion Design | Brian Kenny
Interactive Programming | Tom O’Dea